Breast Augmentation Revision - Milwaukee, WI

Total Capsulectomy & Site Change for Subglandular Capsular Contractures — Patient 306


32 year old woman | 5’3″ | 135 lbs.

This woman had a subglandular augmentation with saline breast implants 2 years before she came to my office. Over the previous year she developed bilateral Grade III capsular contractures. Her breasts became more narrow and elongated in their appearance, and she developed some shape asymmetry. There was a protrusion that could be felt in upper left breast – caused by folding of the breast implant inside the contracting capsule. It was this bulging of the left implant that she disliked the most because it was visible beneath thin clothing. The appearance of the capsular contractures were accentuated when she raised her arms to the side. Her pre-operative bra size was a 36C-cup. Surgical revision required complete removal of the capsule, and the implants were moved to a pocket beneath the muscle. Her breast implants were replaced with Natrelle moderate profile saline-filled implants (68-360); the right implant was filled to 390 cc and the left implant was filled to 415 cc. Photographs taken two months following her revision surgery show a significant improvement. Her post-operative bra size is a 36C-cup, and her breasts remain soft with proper shape.


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