Breast Augmentation Revision - Milwaukee, WI

Patient 308 - Capsulectomy for Capsular Contracture, Raise Right Inframammary Fold, Saline Breast Implant Exchange

34 year old woman | 5’10” | 160 pounds | 36 D-cup

This woman had an uncomplicated bilateral breast augmentation, through an inframammary fold approach, with McGhan style 468 textured, anatomically shaped 380 cc breast implants that were filled to 420 cc. She experienced excessive right breast implant descent about five months after her surgery. One year later her initial surgeon placed internal sutures to raise the right inframammary fold about 1 cm; she noted some improvement but still felt there was a lack of inferior support for the right implant. In addition, she remained unhappy with the persistent breast asymmetry – her breasts were different shapes and there was more fullness in the upper pole of the left breast. Her bra size was a 36D-cup following her augmentation and revision, but she wished her breasts were a bit larger. Two years after her initial augmentation she sought to address her persistent dissatisfaction.

Seven week post-operative photographs show the result after her revision surgery. An inframammary approach was used to remove both implants. Subtotal capsulectomies with additional capsulotomies were performed; the right inframammary fold was reconstructed and raised with internal sutures; and new McGhan style 68 smooth, round, moderate-profile (450cc) saline breast implants were filled to 480cc. Her post-operative bra size is a fuller 36D-cup, and she is happy with her improved symmetry.

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