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Real Self is an interesting site that offers honest feedback from real patients and, better yet, real doctors.

I’ve tried to make myself as available as possible throughout the Internet in an attempt to make you as comfortable with my practice, our high level of integrity and with the process of plastic surgery treatments. We know that you have questions… and we have many answers. The truth is, there are many answers — but, ultimately, only one that is truly going to be right for you.

So take your time. Find out all that you can know. Then, trust your intuition. Me and my staff will be here to help you along your journey.

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“Dr D LISTENS and gives the patient the time to discuss concerns and expectations. If the results are not optimal, he will go beyond expectations to make it “perfect” for the patient.” —MargaretHelen

“I think it is important to have a physician, especially a plastic surgeon, with whom you feel comfortable with and trust. Dr D makes you feel comfortable immediately. While asking Dr D questions about my treatment I never felt like he was rushed to see the next patient. He answered all my questions and concerns thoroughly. During the treatment he was aware if I was uncomfortable or in pain and took time to take a break if I needed.” — Kerrington16

“Dr. D is wonderful to work with and spends time to answer all questions and concerns.” —JanaLee

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