Tasha’s Breast Augmentation Patient Experience Story



I now have the shape a woman should have…

I considered breast augmentation surgery for many years…I am petite and was almost completely “flat”. I didn’t like how small my chest was, especially in certain tops, dresses, and bikinis. My chest was so small that I couldn´t get out of the “cutesy”, “little-girlish” appearance.

Even though I was always wearing a padded bra (which definitely helped!), I KNEW that I was much, much smaller than it appeared. This made me self-conscious, and I wondered if people noticed my small chest as much as I did. I was not as confident as I would´ve liked to feel. Something was missing, and I obviously wished I had bigger breasts.

The thought of scheduling a consultation to have surgery had been on my mind for about 10 years. I went back and forth with the idea a lot over those 10 years; and it wasn´t because I was scared to have the surgery that it took me so long to book the appointment, it was because of the cost. Then I finally said to myself “I will never have thousands of dollars just lying around, I don´t have kids right now, and I´m still young, so WHY NOT just do it already?!?!” I also figured if this was something that´s been on my mind this long it probably will be forever, and if I don’t get it done I´ll always wonder “what if”.

Dr. Dembny helped make the decision to have surgery very easy. He was extremely thorough with everything and answered all my questions so I understood them completely. We reviewed all types of breast implants. I had been doing research on Breast Augmentation for quite some time so I felt that I knew what to expect at the consult, but Dr. Dembny went into information above and beyond anything you´ll find online.

Once the consultation process was finished, I couldn’t WAIT to finally have the surgery I had wanted for so many years!! There was no question …I was definitely going to go through with the surgery.

My surgery and recovery both went very, very well. Dr. Dembny performed my surgery on a Wednesday and I was back to work that following Monday without hardly any restrictions. The fact that I have a desk job definitely played a role in my being able to return so quickly, but you never know when it comes to surgery, so I assumed nothing. I was also done taking my prescription painkillers that same Monday (5 days after surgery). I made sure that I stuck to all the rules & limitations that were given to me and was back to normal in about 2 months. The only thing (other than the weight restriction) I noticed that took awhile for me to be able to do again was sleep and/or lie on my stomach. Part of that may have been because I wasn’t used to having much “in my way” to lie on; but either way, that is no longer an issue and neither is anything else.

I am extremely happy with my results! I chose silicone gel-filled implants because they have a more natural feel; they were inserted under the muscle, with the incision being in the breast fold. Sometimes I wish my breasts were a little bit bigger, but considering how petite I am and how tight my skin is, Dr. Dembny made sure I was aware that he could only get me so big without it looking completely un-natural and strange. To my surprise, he was able to get me a bit bigger than he had originally thought (280cc’s) and in the end I am very pleased with my results. I am still amazed at how natural they look, especially considering I’m still somewhat in the healing process.

Breast enhancement surgery was definitely a worthwhile experience. It´s something I´ve wanted for most of my teenage and adult life and I´m happy that it´s finally done. I feel more confident, especially when it comes to wearing something that would’ve normally required me to wear a strapless bra or no bra. In the past, going without a bra was out of the question because I was almost completely flat – and strapless bras never fit me right because my ribcage is smaller than 32″ and I wasn´t even an A cup. There are so many dresses and tops that would just hang in my closet because I never felt comfortable enough wearing them. I even had the Nu-Bra (stick-on boobs), but those are only good for a certain number of uses and I was always uncomfortable wearing them because they start slipping off the second any moisture hits them. And we all know if you FEEL uncomfortable, you LOOK uncomfortable.

But now — I feel like tops, dresses and bikinis finally fit the way they were MEANT to! I feel that I´ve finally stepped out of that “adolescent phase” of my life, into womanhood. I never really knew what it was about wanting bigger breasts that I found so appealing, until I came into work and my boss, who is a female, said to me “You look like a woman now!” That was when it clicked… THIS was the piece of the puzzle that was missing when it came to how I felt about my self-image. I now have the shape a woman should have, and not the shape of a teenager going through puberty.

Would I recommend this surgery to others? I think if a woman has thought about having breast enhancement surgery for a few years and wants to do it for the right reasons, and not because of any other influences, then she should definitely have it done. It will no doubt, boost her self-confidence and she´ll be so happy to have finally made the decision that it will almost feel like a weight has been lifted. I was also very pleased to learn that you can still breast feed with implants, because I do plan on having children and breast-feeding someday.

If you are considering breast enhancement, I would recommend Dr. Dembny. He was extremely thorough, had great bedside manner, and I was treated very well and always felt comfortable. Also, all of the receptionist´s were, and still are, very personable and always call me by name when I come into the office. Anytime I had a question, it was answered in a very timely manner. From my experience, his practice was a great place to have surgery done and I would recommend it to anyone interested in breast augmentation surgery.