Suzanne’s Tummy Tuck Experience Story



It´s about feeling great physically and emotionally. And being able to do anything I want with the body I will live in for the rest of my life!

Ego. Webster refers to it as the “I” or self of any person, distinguishing itself from the selves of others and from objects of its thought. It includes feelings of self-esteem and self-image.

I´ve heard some people describe patients who opt for plastic surgery as conceited and self-absorbed.

I definitely have an ego, but don’t consider it to be filled with conceit. And as far as being “self-absorbed,” it doesn´t go hand-in-hand with my own definition of “mother of six.” Even though I have always had high self-esteem, it experienced a decline as I felt my body became less and less attractive. My self-image means more to me than just having a svelte figure. I remind myself, that it is not about how others see me, or about gaining recognition. It’s about feeling great physically and emotionally. And being able to do anything I want with the body I will live in for the rest of my life! I find myself wanting to share the benefits of Plastic Surgery with people– sharing on a level that will connect to more than the simple desire for a tighter ass or a flatter stomach. It’s about accomplishing your goals, about looking the part and having the confidence to play the part, what ever that may be.

After the birth of my sixth child, I didn´t feel like the work-outs I was committed to, were nearly as effective as they once were. My skin sagged and no matter how many sit-ups I did in a day, nothing seemed to tighten my lower abs – let alone remove the stretch marks. When I talked with my husband about a tummy tuck he agreed that such a procedure was most likely the only way I would get my shape back. I had one consultation prior to meeting with Dr. Dembny and was actually quite turned off by the abrasive description I was given, regarding what would take place during and after this procedure. When I did consult with Dr. Dembny, he was personable, knowledgeable and answered my questions straight-forward, yet with compassion. The office staff at CPSS was professional and very helpful with all of my questions. I opted for the procedure and have been completely satisfied with the outcome. Though the recovery was not a piece of cake, I would do it again in a heartbeat! The results are so worth a couple of weeks of being uncomfortable. Not only is all the sagging skin gone, but my Ab muscles once again have definition! After experiencing such great results from the abdominoplasty, I opted for some lipo on my thighs and butt. The down time was nearly nothing and the results were once again great!

I feel more confident shopping for clothes that are in style, rather than always searching for styles to hide my areas of concern.