Cynthia’s Breast Augmentation Patient Experience Story

I feel like my “old” self again! …but newer.

I was unhappy with the way my breasts looked and felt after having two children, and breastfeeding both. The loss of breast tissue was quite a bit. I wore a 32-C/D cup before my children. After breastfeeding, I was down to a 32-A/B cup. At 35 years old and 2 kids later, I was longing to have my “pre-baby” breasts back! None of my tank tops, strapless tops or swimsuit tops fit well. It was frustrating.

Following my second pregnancy I ate properly and exercised. But no amount of exercise would change my breasts though. This was the one area I wanted to change! I am otherwise a confident person and like who I am, but I must admit, I did not feel as attractive or as feminine even though the rest of me was back to my pre-baby figure.

I did quite a bit of research before making a decision to schedule a consultation. I had to make sure this was something I was ready to consider and I wanted to find the right doctor. Talking with Dr. Dembny, and getting all the info I needed to make an informed and confident decision, was very helpful. I had a lot of questions! Dr. Dembny never rushed through our appointments and was open to any questions I had.

The ultimate decision to have surgery was much easier for me to make once I met with Dr. Dembny. He was very approachable and easy to talk to. He provided me with information on the procedure, as well as some info to take home with me. I was told to take as much time as I needed to make my decision. There was never any pressure to have the procedure done. And, Dr. Dembny and his office staff were very flexible with appointment times, financial info and surgery options. I chose silicone gel breast implants.

Surgery went very well. I was totally comfortable on the day of the surgery – no worries. I had no complications. The nurses took great care of me and Dr. Dembny and his team did a fantastic job.

Recovery was the most difficult the first week. I took off of work and I had my Mom stay with me in my home to help care for my 2 children (and me!). I went back to work after that first week. It was hard not to jump back into my routine, but after a few weeks I was feeling more like myself again and able to resume my normal activities.

I am very happy with my results, and I wish I would have done it sooner! I feel like my ‘old’ self again!… but newer. My first experience with plastic surgery was a very positive one. Women’s bodies go through so much with pregnancy and childbirth. To get a piece of yourself back from that wonderful (yet tough on the body) experience is such a great gift. It´s the best gift I could have given myself.

I am so very pleased with Dr. Dembny and his practice. I was well taken care of as a patient, and as a person. They personalized my first cosmetic surgery experience – made me feel comfortable and always informed. I never felt like just another patient. Dr. Dembny is a fantastic doctor. I would recommend him to friends and family anytime! …and to Moms that have gone through the same thing I did.