Liposuction - Milwaukee,WI

Lateral Thighs / Saddlebags — Patient 26

48 year old woman | 5’5″ | 193 lbs.

This lady was extremely frustrated with her large saddlebags despite exercise and weight loss. She has several relatives who also have very broad hips, and is bothered by how disproportionate her lower body is compared to her upper body. She must wear pants that are several sizes larger than what properly fits her waist, and even then the hip area is often too tight. Examination demonstrated moderate lipodystrophy of the hips and lower extremities with a very dysmorphic lateral thigh. Seven week post-operative photographs show the results of power-assisted liposuction. A small amount of residual swelling persists.

Following surgery, she has lost 15 pounds and her pant size has dropped three sizes! …and she is very happy.


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