Liposuction - Milwaukee, WI

Patient 250

29 year old woman | 5’5″ | 130 lbs.

This young woman was unhappy with the appearance of her lower abdomen following a liposuction procedure four years earlier. The bulge in her lower abdomen limited her clothing selection and she found that she was always trying to conceal this area. Examination showed fullness in the lower abdomen caused by excess fat that was not suctioned, and a midline depression; the underlying abdominal muscles were flat, and her skin quality was good. Ten week post-operative photographs show the results of power-assisted ‘superwet’ liposuction of the abdomen. More than 675cc of fat was aspirated.

“The results of this procedure are so much better – it’s like night and day. Everything looks smooth and even, and I’m so happy.”

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