Some women seeking a breast restoration procedure, who have lost some breast volume and have developed some drooping, are uncertain as to whether they need just a breast lift or need a breast augmentation and a breast lift. In some respects the answer is very simple.

If the woman is happy with her current breast size/volume, and is just unhappy with the drooping that has developed, then a breast lift should be a satisfactory procedure. The nipple-areolar complex can be uplifted, and the breast reshaped by tightening the skin. This can be demonstrated fairly easily during the examination. A simulation of the skin envelope tightening can be performed manually  to estimate the shape that would be achieved with a breast lift. The woman can then look at her breast and decide if this is satisfactory. Generally, if she is happy with her current breast volume, this uplifted breast shape will be appealing and she will agree that a breast lift is all she needs. The size of the breast will change very little, but the shape will be significantly improved.

If the woman is unhappy with her current breast size (and would like to be larger) as well as her drooping,  then a breast augmentation in combination with a breast lift will help achieve her desired size and shape. During the consultation when a lift is manually simulated for these patients, they will often say that they desire a larger breast, and/or one with more upper pole fullness. A breast implant is therefore indicated. Based upon the patient’s goal, the amount of breast tissue present, and the amount of skin excess and drooping, the consultation will need to be directed towards determining which breast implant shape, fill material, surface texture, and pocket location is best to achieve the desired result.


Feel free to contact Dr. Dembny if you would like to discuss whether a breast lift or breast augmentation with lift is best for you.