Breast Augmentation & Breast Lift - Lake Geneva, WI

Moderate Profile Silicone Gel & Wise Pattern Breast Lift— Patient 411

39 year old woman | 5’7″ | 154 lbs.
“I hate the way my breasts droop”

This lady was unhappy with the loss of breast fullness and drooping she experienced after two pregnancies, breast feeding, and weight loss. She nursed her two children for one year each, and she lost 40 pounds in the year prior to surgery. Her pre-operative breast size was a 36C-cup. Examination demonstrated moderate laxity of her breast skin, and volume loss with grade III ptosis. Three month post-operative photographs show her results following a bilateral dual plane-I, subpectoral breast augmentation with Natrelle style 15 moderate profile, smooth, round 371cc silicone gel-filled implants; and a breast lift was performed for additional shaping. Her post-operative bra size is a full 36D-cup.


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