Breast Augmentation & Breast Lift - Milwaukee, WI

Anatomically Shaped Silicone Gel Implants & Breast Lift — Patient 40

42 year old woman | 5’2″ | 100 lbs.
“I want my breasts back”

This woman was unhappy with the loss of breast fullness (deflation) and progressive drooping she experienced following her pregnancies; and then worsened ever further following some weight loss several years later. Pre-operative breast size was a 32 B-cup. Her exam demonstrated moderate looseness of the breast skin, and significant volume loss without true “ptosis” (her nipple remained above the level of her inframammary crease) . Eleven week post-operative photographs show her results following a bilateral dual plane-I, subpectoral breast augmentation with Mentor Lumera anatomically shaped, textured, high profile (305 cc) silicone gel breast implants (used per Adjunct Study protocol) and a Wise-pattern breast lift. Post-operative bra size is a very full 32 C-cup.


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