Breast Augmentation - Milwaukee, WI

Different Silicone Gel Implants for Breast Asymmetry & Breast Lift— Patient 150

40 year old woman | 5’2″ | 127 lbs.
“I feel very unbalanced because my breasts are so uneven”

Having struggled with significant breast asymmetry her entire life, this lady wanted her right breast to better match the size of her left breast. She breast fed four children. Her pre-operative breast size was a 34A-cup on the right and a 34C-cup on the left. Four month post-operative photographs show the results following a dual plane-I, subpectoral breast augmentation with two different implants: a Mentor moderate plus profile, smooth, round 275cc silicone gel-filled breast implant on the right, and a Mentor moderate profile, smooth, round 100cc silicone gel-filled breast implant on the left. A right modified-Wise pattern mastopexy and a left Wise pattern mastopexy were also required. Her post-operative bra size is a 34C-cup with much better symmetry.

Her bras fit normally, and she feels much more complete and balanced.

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