Abdominoplasty - Milwaukee, WI

Tummy Tuck with rectus muscle plication & Liposuction of the flank — Patient 162


29 year old woman | 5’7″ | 130 lbs.
“I can’t stand my ugly stomach!”

This woman gave birth to twins  five years earlier. She was extremely unhappy with the excess, loose skin that hung over her pants. Despite the fact that she exercised regularly, her stomach never firmed up and continued to protrude outward. She was interested in a mommy makeover because she also felt her breasts drooped and lacked volume after breast feeding.

Examination demonstrated a significant amount of loose skin and numerous stretch marks. The rectus muscles were separated in the midline, beginning above the belly button and extending down to the suprapubic region. Despite the central and lower abdominal skin laxity,the skin in the upper abdomen was not damaged and quite elastic. A mild excess of fat was present in the posterior love handle (iliac crest) region.

Three month post-operative photographs show the nice improvement after an tummy tuck with rectus muscle plication and umbilical transposition; liposuction of the lateral and posterior iliac crest (love handle) region removed about 100 cc of fat on each side. A vertical scar was necessary because the lack of upper abdominal skin laxity did not allow removal of skin all the way up to the level of the belly button; and additional loose skin could be removed this way as well. At this time period there still is a small amount of swelling in the abdomen. The incision lines are healing well and will continue to lighten over the next several months.


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