I get a lot of comments from people around me that say that my implants look extremely natural.

KellyWhen I came to Dr. Dembny, I was researching plastic surgery – specifically breast implants. After having kids, I felt like the size of my breasts had decreased. A couple family members had gotten implants and they looked great! My husband and I had discussed it and we thought it might be an option for me. So, I met with the Dr. and got my questions answered.

I ended up getting the implants in March of 2006 (I was 38 years old). Although it was a painful process, I´m very glad I went through the experience and I´m much happier with my body now. I have more self confidence as a result of the implants and feel that it has made my figure more balanced. Not to mention that now, I fill out my shirts!!

As far as the process from start to finish, I was very happy and have no complaints with the level of service or the outcome of the implants. It was easy to schedule appointments and the consultants were very easy to deal with and they were very friendly. I have been in customer service my entire career and this is important to me to be treated nicely and fairly. The surgery was scheduled at a convenient time and the recovery time was spelled out to me so I was prepared with the proper amount of time off from work. What impressed me was that after I awoke from surgery, there was a nurse right there rubbing my arm and greeting me as I woke up. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Dembny was there to see how I was feeling as well, which made me feel comfortable that everything went smoothly. Another thing that impressed me was the Dr. calling me that night to see how I was doing. That right there was probably the most notable thing for me. The recovery was a little tough but nothing that I hadn´t expected going in. I went in on a Wednesday and took three days off of work and went back to work on Monday. (I´d recommend taking 4 days off at an absolute minimum) but I´m sure the Dr. will advise you.

It was definitely a worthwhile experience and I´d do it again. I feel good about myself and my body. I would strongly recommend talking to Dr. Dembny if you are considering the breast implants. I get a lot of comments from people around me that say that my implants look extremely natural. And, they couldn’t be more perfectly sized to fit my body size. Kudos to Dr. Dembny!!