…my self-image has greatly improved. I am so much more confident…

LindaPrior to having children I was an A-cup. After having three children and nursing each one of them for one year I became very unhappy with the appearance of my breasts, and no longer fit into an A-cup. I purchased padded bras and breast enhancers to make myself feel attractive and feminine in clothes, but that did not help when I wore swim suits or was undressed. After about six months of strong consideration and research I finally decided to look into breast augmentation surgery.

Dr. Dembny was recommended to me, and I scheduled a consultation. I was very impressed with the amount of time he took in the consultation to explain the procedure and answer all of my questions. After a few weeks I decided to have the surgery. Everything went well with the procedure. Recovery was easier than I had anticipated. I rested a couple of days, and then over the next few weeks I slowly returned to normal activities. Overall, the surgical experience was good.

I am very pleased with the results and how I feel. They turned out just as I (had) wanted. I am now happy with my cup size and feel great in a swim suit and undressed. I am so glad that I decided do go through with the surgery, because my self-image has greatly improved. I am so much more confident and feel much happier. I would recommend Dr. Dembny to others because he took plenty of time with me at each visit to answer all of my questions, and the results turned out great. I would strongly encourage others who are unhappy with their small breast to have breast enhancement surgery.